St Georges Church- Preston- 

On Friday we played another Recital at St Georges Church in Preston. They had re-booked us within 6 Months of our last visit- Here’s what they had to say about us last time-
‘If you thought that percussion was those lines of hopeful children mis-clashing cymbals and gingerly dangling triangles, think again. Percussion has moved into the 20th century – or even the 21st century.
For a start, Peter Mitchell and Anthony Mann arrived with enough equipment for a rock concert, but without the usual roadies. Huge three-octave marimbas and drums of every shape and size, plus an assortment of other instruments of unknown origin. We knew that we were in for something special.
Often, performers who play very well are not equally as polished addressing audiences. Not so with these two young men. They were immediately confident and clear, establishing an easy rapport and reassuring their nervous audience. They were performers in every respect of the word.
When the music started – after the immediate shock (no one could snooze here), the punters loved it. It was exciting, and touched places which other music doesn’t. That surely is great music.
The effort, skill and power on display was phenomenal – but it wasn’t all “sound and fury.” There were gentle moments, and times when you thought you were watching some surreal movie at an Imax.
If some members of the audience arrived sceptical, all left convinced that they had experienced something special, talented, and unique. Gravity had drawn them together with its natural forces, although some of the music had allowed their minds to float in the heavens – defying gravity.’

Edmund J Crighton
Music Co-ordinator
Preston Parish Arts and Education Trust


St Ann’s Church- Manchester

‘One of the best evening recitals we’ve had for years. Thoroughly entertaining & enjoyable performance and a very well thought-out programme. In the interval the performers came down and chatted to the audience, and even showed them round the huge variety of instruments on display, explaining a bit about how they work and how they are played. Very engaging & informative talks between pieces, two really friendly & likeable guys. Thanks for a great evening!’


Simon Passmore
Director Music
St Ann’s Church- Manchester


Isle of Man Schools Tour


Peel Cloth Workers School

‘Gravity Percussion were a joy to have at our school! The children loved seeing the assembly on the origins of percussion! They all thought Pete and Ant were fab! We’d love to have them back!’

Mrs A Jackson
Head Teacher
Peel Clothworker Primary School

Bunscoill Rhumsaa

‘The children at our school were really engaged, they were focused throughout the entire assembly; some of them were completely mesmerised! It was really nice to see the inspired answers from the children when asked questions  by the Duo! Over all it was fantastic and well timed for the age group; they’re two very talented young men!’

Mrs A Quane
Deputy Head Teacher
Bunscoill Rhumsaa Primary School

Ballacottier Primary 

‘When I was Looking round at the kids whilst they were watching and listening, they were transfixed – we don’t get performances like that too often; so it was great to have it in assembly. They should definitely come back!’

Ms K Lawrence
Music Teacher
Ballacottier Primary School

Ramsey Grammar High School

‘The workshop had great pace, there was never a child wandering ‘off task’; I’m sure this would have worked across the age range here too! I thought you had a really great approach with the kids, and they all enjoyed your session. I’d be quite happy to have you back at RGS!’

Mrs R Will-Jones
Head of Music
Ramsey Grammar High School

 Ballakermeen High School

‘It was great that every student had the chance to play an instrument. They really enjoyed it; one pupil even said he wished every music lesson could be like that! They were also really interested in knowing about your background and what inspired each of you to study music!’

Ms N Evans
Music Teacher
Ballakermeen High School