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We offer a variety of different education and outreach programmes including: Assemblies, Workshops, Masterclasses, Classroom Teaching, Group Lessons and One to One Tuition. We have both worked extensively within education in the Northwest of England and have recently come back from our ‘Schools Tour of the Isle of Man’ (see diary below).


We believe a grounding in world music is essential to any musicians development and have subsequently devised our programmes around 3 main areas of world music. Samba (with an additional focus on South American Music), Celtic Music (Bodhrans, Spoons and Bones) and African Percussion (Including Djembes, Congas and a variety of handheld percussion instruments). If you are interested in any of these programmes or want to know more please do get in touch with us at our contact page.

Isle of Man Schools Tour Diary (taken from our Facebook page)

Build up:

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We are excited to announce our schools tour of the Isle of Man from Monday 15th June to Friday 19th June. We will be reaching out to 12 of the Islands primary and secondary schools giving workshops and assemblies with the aim to engage, educate and inspire the students to take up percussion as a primary instrument. We will be finishing the tour with a concert on Friday 19th June at 7pm in Ballakermeen High Schools Studio theatre. We are incredibly humbled to say that we are supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council, Isle of Man Music Service, all the participating schools and Peter Norris Music.



Article written on IOM Gov Website-

Gravity Percussion set to inspire


Friday, 5 June 2015

The Island is set to welcome back one of its talented Manx students, Peter Mitchell, as he brings Gravity Percussion to deliver workshops and assemblies to schools.

Gravity Percussion formed in 2012 consists of 2 percussionists based at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) in Manchester, Peter Mitchell and Anthony Mann.  Peter is a talented Manx percussionist who is now in his final year at the RNCM and has performed for many years with the Manx Youth Orchestra. The percussion music takes influences from across the world such as Latin American and Brazilian as well as jazz, rock, pop and classical genres.

The Isle of Man schools tour, a week of workshops and assemblies, will take place at 12 schools across the Island from Monday 15 June aiming to engage and inspire the students to take up percussion as a primary instrument.

The tour will conclude with a concert on Friday 18 June at The Studio Theatre, Ballakermeen High School at 7pm. Tickets to the concert will be available on the door on a first come first seated basis and cost £7.50 per adults and £3 for students and children.

As the duo prepare for the tour, Peter Mitchell said:

‘The Island’s Music Service inspired my creativity and instilled a passion for music in me whilst I was a member of the Manx Youth Orchestra.

‘We are incredibly honoured to be supported on this tour by the Music Service, the Isle of Man Arts Council, and Peter Norris Music. The tour will bring percussion in its most entertaining form to the schools and the public.’


Day 1:

On our way to the isle of man! We’re a little crazy getting the 2.15am boat! But still really excited!!



We’ve had a great day so far! It was great starting off at St Ninians Lower School with our Samba Workshop. Now for a rehearsal with Douglas Town Band for our Concert Tomorrow night!



Day 2:

Today we have been to Onchan School to do our 30min assembly (which they loved; what a fun school) and then we went to Ramsey- Starting at Bunscoil Rhumsaa with assemblies for the infants AND then the juniors! Finally we have been at Ramsey Grammar School with our samba workshop again (what a lovely school)! Tonight we’re at the Villa Arcade (8pm) with Douglas Town Band promoting our Duo concert at Ballakermeen High School Studio Theatre on Friday (7pm) WHAT A DAY!!

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We had a great time playing along side the Douglas Town Band and also managed to sneak a 20 minute slot into their concert- Don’t forget we’re playing in Ballakermeen Friday night 7pm in the Studio Theatre!!

DTB GP Concert DTB GP Concert 2  DTB GP Concert 4 DTB GP Concert 7

Day 3:

Today we had an epic drive in the rain up to Jurby School then to peel cloth workers and finished the day at King Williams College (what welcoming, talented and inspired students) off to the blues club.

About to play a lunch time concert at King Williams College- Castle Town!






Day 4:

We had an fantastic  morning this morning! Ballacottier was so much fun… best clappers all week! And then we had a fun recital and Q and A session at Castle Rushen High School! We then went and had a coffee at the sound Cafe and then explored Scarlet and Castle Town! Pics to follow!


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Day 5:

What a day and almost end to our tour! Cronk y berry and st Marys (crazy singer year 6’s) were awesome; and the samba workshop at. Ballakermeen(balla) went down well! The concert tonight had a good amount of people which was great considering we completely self promoted it! Much love to the IOM!

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Day 6:

Well that’s it! We have had an incredible week; we have played to or given workshops to more than 2000 of the Isle of Mans children through visiting 8 Primary Schools and 5 High Schools! This morning we had the privilege of working with the Isle of Man Youth Orchestra Percussionists they are so enthusiastic and they each have huge potential! Thank you from both of us to those who have supported us, came to our concerts, clapped, sang and danced to our music and finally to the Isle of Man Arts Council, IOM Music Service, Peter Norris Music also most importantly Ken and Alison Mitchell who have put us up for a week and kept us running on the most awesome food ever! Till Next Time, Pete and Ant!